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There are two kinds of people in the world, humanitarians & progressivists, the balance between the two is the core of TGB.

We’re a mix of altruists & opportunists, of thinkers & do-ers, of creators & hawkers.

The theory of everything is that it is a constant balancing act.

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EST. in 2020, in a pandemic struck world, friends first & business partners second Shubham Singhal, Om Thakur & Vaibhav Pathak co-founded TGB as a subsidiary of Dot Media in an effort to venture into artist and music-management.


Cut  to  2022,  representing  over  150+ artists across television & in the world  of media, and a key vendor  to  10+  of the biggest music labels in the country . The troop is proud to create various IP’s under the Dot Bubble banner. Bootstrapped and profitable since day one, a powerhouse of content, creativity & culture .

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